Spitting Feathers Beer Festival

Saturday 21st July 2018


Many thanks to Josh and Elizabeth (https://www.elizabeth-josh.co.uk) for the amazing video!



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15th JULY 2017

photo pig drinking pint

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the festival!

We raised more than last year so are able to give £2300 to our selected causes – including The Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Waverton Primary school, Waverton Park appeal, RNLI and Miles of Smiles. Big Thanks to Elvis Fontenot and the Sugarbees who donated £50 of their fee to our total.

Thank you to all our volunteers who all work tirelessly to make the event a huge success every year.

And thanks to our lovely patrons for buying tickets and turning up!!


Tickets for the Beer Festival 2018 go on sale in January!


Last years’ charity presentations:



Spitting Feathers

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