Cask Ale: Cut the cost of supplying beer at your event. We sell casks (72 pints) from the brewery for £85 inc VAT and will deliver with all the equipment you’ll need to dispense it, information about your beer, pump clip and even glasses if need for an extra £10.

Bottles: Available in cases of 12x500ml or 24 x 330ml.

Bars: We have a couple of bars for hire. Prices start at £30. Please contact us for availability.Stillage: We have a range of stillage racking for beer festivals, for kilderkins and firkins. Please email us for more information, prices start at £300.

EMPIRE I.P.A. (5.2%)

The beer brewed to quench thirsts around the globe-spanning British Empire. India Pale Ale was brewed specifically for export with properties to match. It was higher alcohol and hop levels to preserve the beer as it travelled back over the seas on ships that had sailed to the UK to deliver cargo from around the empire.
Available Oct-Dec


The beer style that once dominated British brewing. Porter originated in London where the coal tax meant that malt was wood-cured giving the drink its distinctive colour and flavour. A nourishing and nutritious drink, Porter was popular among the working classes including the porters and barrow boys who worked the narrow streets and gave the beer its name. Brewed using an authentic recipe from 1865.
Available Feb-March

Spitting Feathers

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